Are iPhones Vegan?

Are iPhones Vegan? I get quite often this question. Since this brand is the best and most used in worldwide if you have an iPhone and you are following a vegan diet you may need to look for an answer if vegans can use iPhone. So, let’s find out if iPhones Contain Animal Products!

First, let’s give a small description, iPhone is a smartphone known by its operating system called “iOS”. developed and sold by Apple company. the owner is Steve Jobs.

iPhones are made out of different ingredients such as fossil fuel, Plastics, Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, Gold, Cobalt Smelters, and Refiners.

Are iPhones Vegan? NO, iPhones are not vegan. they contain animal-derived ingredients such as Gules, Gold, and Plastic. May also use gelatin and cholesterol. Which make them unsuitable for vegans. But these Subjects are slightly controversial among vegans. A lot of vegans keep using iPhones even though they are not vegan.

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